15 simple dinosaur household essentials to stock up on during Prime Day

Calling all Mamasauri and D-Rexes (Daddy-Rexes)! If you have a little dinosaur fan living in your house and are becoming an avid reader of Mrs Maiasaura, you should have these simple dinosaur household essentials on hand for dinosaur crafting, recipes, and activities. Prime Day and even sales at your local supermarket are a great opportunity…

Calling all Mamasauri and D-Rexes (Daddy-Rexes)! If you have a little dinosaur fan living in your house and are becoming an avid reader of Mrs Maiasaura, you should have these simple dinosaur household essentials on hand for dinosaur crafting, recipes, and activities. Prime Day and even sales at your local supermarket are a great opportunity to stock up on these items and set up your dinosaur starter kit. Check out the list.

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Dinosaur household essentials for your dinosaur starter kit: The key items you need to be able to make some dinosaur crafts, try a dinosaur recipe or do a dinosaur activity with your little dinosaur fan at short notice

Dinosaur starter kit

If you’re reading Mrs Maiasaura, we’re assuming your child loves dinosaurs or that you at least know a little dinosaur lover. We also assume that they already have numerous toy dinosaurs. What you really want is some prehistoric craft, recipe and activity ideas to do with them and delight their little dinosaur-loving heart.

Some dinosaur experiments require special tools. However, others require only common tools that you should already have in your dinosaur starter kit. Assuming you already have a dinosaur starter kit, that is. This list sets out exactly which dinosaur household essentials you should be looking to source, preferably during a special at the supermarket or sales such as Prime Day.

Dinosaur household essentials for the kitchen

These are not just for baking!

1. Dinosaur cookie cutters

Dinosaur cookie cutters definitely need to be part of your dinosaur essentials starter kit. Logically, you can use them to make cookies, but they also work well for creating Bronto boxes (dinosaur bento lunch boxes) and pancakes. We used them to create our dinosaur sun catchers and have used them as stencils too.

While you are at it, grab some bone-shaped cookie cutters. They are useful for making breadstick bones for our coprolite chilli (recipe coming soon). They were also useful for making dog biscuits as a gift for a dog owner or treats for little dinosaur fans to use when training dinosaurs.

For some slightly different cookie cutters, get some of these skeleton stampers. They’re great for cookies where you want to make fossil cookies. We’ve also used them to make toasted sandwiches.

Festive dinosaur sugar cookies made using our dinosaur cookie cutters

2. Dinosaur fossil egg mould

We got one of these egg moulds and our little dinosaur fan and she loves it! She normally asks for a boiled egg for breakfast on the weekends. This mould has been in regular use since we purchased it.

The dinosaur egg skulls make a great addition to a Bronto box, too.

3. Dinosaur aprons

If you plan on making a lot of our dinosaur recipes, logically, you need to have a dinosaur apron. We got this set for our little dinosaur fan, which comes with some useful kitchen tools.

You can even get matching aprons, like this child apron and this one for adults. Don’t you need to add one to your dinosaur essentials starter kit?

4. Bento box

For your Bronto boxes (post coming soon), you are going to need a bento box, preferably one with dinosaurs. I love this rounded one.

For school or dinosaur field trips (AKA museum and park visits), you might also want to get an insulated lunch box, with dinosaurs (or dinosaur fossils) on it. These days, every household should have one, not just dinosaur families.

A Bronto box: dinosaur bento box with dinosaur chicken nuggets, rice, salad plants, a snow pea and pineapple tree and some grape and cherry tomato eggs

5. Kitchen staples

There are a number of kitchen staples that really should be considered dinosaur household essentials and definitely need to be part of your dinosaur essentials starter kit. I’m always keen for a supermarket special for these:

  • plain flour: for pancakes, cookies and various other recipes
  • cornflour: for cooking and for activities such as prehistoric tar pits (oobleck)
  • salt: especially for salt dough fossils
  • bi-carbonate of soda: for volcanic eruptions, fizz and bath bombs
  • dinosaur nuggets and pasta: for an easy dinosaur meal.
Playing with the prehistoric tar pit, which needs cornflour to have the tar-like consistency

Dinosaur household essentials for craft projects

Creative dinosaurs are happy dinosaurs.

6. Paint

Whether it’s freehand paintings of dinosaurs or painting dinosaurs using handprints, acrylic paint is always a good thing to have on hand, literally and figuratively. We like a set with lots of bright colours to encourage imagination.

Another great dinosaur craft essential is some paint pens. These are great, for example, for writing on a bench (dinosaur names), making some decorative stones, and painting beads. They also gave good coverage of our dinosaurs for our dinosaur keyrings. If you plan to use them for outside crafts, make sure they are waterproof.

Some spray paint might also be considered a dinosaur household essential. We’d recommend a metallic – like the gold we used for our Angelsaurs, and some in your little dinosaur fan’s favourite colour – in our case, pink.

We used paint pens for one dinosaur keyring and spray paint for the other one.

7. Dinosaurs

While we’re on the topic of painting dinosaurs, grab some small toy dinosaurs that you don’t mind painting, cutting, or hot-glueing something to. They are useful in so many crafts and activities, such as our keyrings and our bath bombs.

Some regular-sized toy dinosaurs are useful too. We bought some specifically to life outside in our dinosaur garden. We also used a number of dinosaurs for our advent wreath.

Some fossil dinosaurs are handy too. We hid some small ones in our fossil eggs and used others to make salt dough fossils. You can see a larger one in our dinosaur garden.

Small fossil dinosaurs are key ingredients in our dinosaur fossil eggs

8. Scissors, glue and string

Decent scissors are essential if you plan on trying a lot of dinosaur crafts. Our thankful dinosaurs would have been impossible without some. Grab a set.

Craft glue is another one of those dinosaur household essentials. Not only do you need it to glue things together (logically), but it is also a key ingredient of slime (recipe coming soon).

A dual temperature glue gun is important too. Our dinosaur balloons would melt with a hot glue gun (post coming soon). And our dinosaur school cone would have been almost impossible to make without a hot glue gun.

Grab some string or bakers twine, too. You will need it for masks, or for these fun Pterodactyl puppets. We made ours years ago (it’s yellow) and it is still going strong.

9. Cardstock (cardboard)

We would be lost without coloured cardstock. Our LDA always wants to use her favourite colours, but that means more browns and greens left to make landscapes for dinosaurs. Our school cone would be impossible to make without a fresh set of paper though.

If you see tissue paper on sale, get some too. It’s good for stained glass windows and for volcanoes for dinosaur-themed birthday parties. We’ve got some tissue paper dinosaur art planned for summer, too!

A thankful dinosaur, based on a common Thanksgiving craft, would be impossible without scissors, cardboard and string.

10. Beads

Pony beads for our dinosaur sun catchers. Unfortunately, we couldn’t source any dinosaur-shaped beads here in Germany, but these dinosaur beads would definitely be a hit.

Fuse beads are great for dinosaur images too. We used some to make coasters as a gift. This dinosaur set makes it easy.

Our beautiful dinosaur sun catchers, made primarily with pony beads and dinosaur cookie cutters

11. Sewing

Your little dinosaur fan may not yet be able to yield a needle with any great skill (though these are good for practice), but there are still some sewing supplies that I would consider dinosaur household essentials.

Needles and embroidery thread are useful for some many things, dinosaur related and not. We used embroidery thread for our dinosaur keyrings, for example.

Felt is likewise useful. We used it to make our Stegosaurus egg cosy and to make Dino Dana-inspired dinosaur badges (post coming soon).

If you are good at sewing (it is not one of my talents), you will want some dinosaur fabric to make some unique clothing for your little dinosaur fan. We recommend Spoonflower, for the variety of dinosaur patterns available and various types of fabric as well.

Felt dinosaur egg cosy, made using felt, embroidery thread and our easy pattern

12. Practicalities

Crafting can be a messy business. If you don’t already have one, get a waterproof tablecloth to cover the surface you normally use for craft and other experiments. Ours came in handy for our erupting tar pit, for example. Of course, a dinosaur tablecloth is even better.

We’d also recommend that you get some boxes to put your craft supplies in. This one is good for a start. In the long run – i.e. if you child starts collecting egg cartons and toilet rolls for dinosaur crafts – this one might be better.

Other dinosaur items

Because some things are dinosaur starter kit essentials, but they’re not specifically for crafts or recipes.

13. Dinosaur books

We are a family that loves reading and are always ready for a new dinosaur book. Our current favourite is “There’s a Dinosaur on the 13th Floor.”

Check out this post for the list of our recommendations.

Our LDA has about 30 dinosaur books at the moment and loves telling her toy dinosaurs the stories

14. Dinosaur watering can

For watering your dinosaur garden, of course! We like this set.

Our wonderful dinosaur garden, with the king of the garden, T-Rex

15. Camera

Whether you prefer to take photos on your phone or use a separate camera, every dinosaur household needs a camera to capture those moments, when your little dinosaur fan is roaring about the house being a little T-Rex. If you need an upgrade, Prime Day is one of the best times to find your new one.

Grab your dinosaur household essentials this prime day!

With these 15 key items in your dinosaur starter kit, you will be dinosaur crafting, cooking and doing to your little dinosaur lover’s heart’s content. So, Dinomamas and D-Rexes: If there are any dinosaur household essentials that you don’t yet have in your arsenal, grab them while they are on sale (and stock up on the things you do have already, too!).

What do you think? Are there any dinosaur essentials for your starter kit that I missed?

Mamasaurus sign-off simple

Save for later

Make your own dino starter kit: 15 dino essentials to have you cooking any dino recipe you want (with T-Rex the chef, of course)

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