11 simple dinosaur activities for a rip-roaring, fun-filled summer

Summer is just around the corner and that means the “What are we going to do this summer?”-headache has already started for many Mamasauri. Take away the headache and make this summer one to remember for your little dinosaur fan with these 11 fun, cheap and simple dinosaur activities.

Summer is just around the corner. For many Dinomamas, this means it’s time to think about what we’re going to do to keep our little dinosaur fans occupied and happy over the summer. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with these 11 simple dinosaur activities for summer, all tried and tested by our Little Dinosaur Aficionado. It’s the ultimate Summer bucket list for dinosaur fans.

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Wait, back up. Dinomama?


noun /ˈdaɪnəˈmæmə

  1. Compound word combining dino, meaning “terrifying, frightful” with mama meaning “mother, female parent of an animal or child”.
  2. Similar to a Mama bear, a Mamasaurus is a mother who will fiercely protect her little dinosaur or child.
  3. A mother of a child who loves dinosaurs.

Synonyms: Dinomum, Dinomom, Mamasaurus

See also:


noun /ˈdaɪnəˈmʌmi/

An exceptionally preserved dinosaur fossil with a fossilized imprint of the carcass (skin, armor and guts), such as the Edmontosaurus Mummy.

What could be a more simple dinosaur activity for summer than building a dinosaur-shaped sand castle?

11 fun and simple dinosaur activities for summer

Make the most of the good summer weather with these fun and simple dinosaur activities (though many of them can be done inside if the weather does not cooperate).

1. Fly a pterosaur

Grab a pterosaur kite and take it for a fly on a suitably windy day. If you are a dinosaur purist and don’t want a pterosaur, get a dinosaur kite instead. We’d love to see this Triceratops fly!

Simple dinosaur activities for Summer: No. 1 Make a pterosaur soar

2. Make some T-Rex sized bubbles

What child doesn’t like bubbles? Yes, you could get some dinosaur bubble wands and spend some time blowing and popping bubbles with your little dinosaur fan. However, your little dinosaur will have more fun trying to create giant dinosaur-sized bubbles.

You’ll need a bubble set like this one. Don’t forget to get enough bubble mix or make your own. Here are clear instructions to make your own wand.

For optimal bubbles, choose a day that is cloudy or overcast day with high humidity and little wind.

Simple dinosaur activities for summer; No. 2 - make some  T-Rex-sized bubbles

3. Go on a dinosaur dig

You might be lucky enough to live in an area where fossils are commonly found. The Jurassic Coast in Dorset and Laurel Dinosaur Park in Maryland are two places where fossilized teeth and dinosaur eggs are quite easy to find.

You might not be able to make it to one of these locations or keep any fossils that you find, but there is nothing to stop you from having a dinosaur dig in a sandpit at the local park or beach. Grab some dinosaur fossil beach toys. We have the T-Rex and Triceratops but might have to get the Stegosaurus. You could also secretly spread some real fossils in your sandpit and let your little dinosaur fan discover them.

Alternatively, make some dinosaur fossil eggs and spend time excavating them.

Simple dinosaur activities for summer: No. 3 - Go on a dinosaur dig

4. Make a dinosaur recipe

We have a number of dinosaur recipes on our site and the list is growing! Dino burgers are great for summer…

You might need a dinosaur apron for cooking, too!

Simple dinosaur activities for Summer No. 4: Try a dinosaur recipe, like these dinoburgers

5. Watch a dinosaur movie under the stars

Our LDA has “Watch a movie under the stars” on her summer bucket list.

What you need:

  1. A screen, such as a wall or old white sheet or blanket strung up between trees or buildings
  2. A projector
  3. Ideally, a bluetooth speaker
  4. A movie – you can stream numerous dinosaur movies via amazon prime or other streaming services
  5. Some blankets and cushions for comfort
  6. Theatre snacks, like our coprolite popcorn pops.

If you don’t have the facilities to watch a movie under the stars, watching a dinosaur movie on the TV or iPad from a pillow fort is an equally enjoyable simple dinosaur activity.

Simple dinosaur activities for Summer No. 5: Watch a dinosaur movie under the stars

6. Swim like a Plesiosaur

One of the simplest dinosaur activities for summer is to go swimming like a Plesiosaur (yes, I know a Plesiosaur is not technically a dinosaur). Spend time in the pool or at the beach with a dinosaur pool float, dino pool toys and dinosaur water pistols. Or if your little dinosaur is really little, try a dino pool!

Simple dinosaur activity for summer no. 6: Swim like a plesiosaur

7. Eat dinosaur ice cream

I know you have been waiting for an excuse to try our new dinosaur ice cream recipe. This is it.

Grab our homemade dinosaur ice cream recipe to make your own dinosaur ice cream. Which of our two recipes (shown here) will you choose?

8. Draw some dinosaurs

Chalk drawing is one of the great summer activities. Make it one of the simple dinosaur activities with your chalk. Use your dinosaurs as models/silhouettes.

This “Dino-might” set turns sidewalks into prehistoric playgrounds. These chalk dinosaur eggs have a dinosaur hiding inside. This set has three dinosaur stencils and an app that will make the drawings come alive.

Simple dinosaur activities for a fun-filled Summer: No. 8 - Draw some dinosaurs outside in chalk

9. Create and play in a dinosaur garden

Check out this post for all you need to know to make your own.

9. Create and play in your own dinosaur garden, like this one. RAWR!

10. Enjoy a prehistoric tar pit

Give your child their first experience of prehistoric tar pits with this fun activity. Your little dinosaur fan is going to love it!

Simple dinosaur activity for a fun-filled Summer No. 10: Experiment with an erupting prehistoric tar pit. Make sure your toys don't get stuck forever!

11. Visit a dinosaur park or museum

Of all the simple dinosaur activities, perhaps the highlight for any dinosaur fan is a visit to their favourite dinosaur museum or park, or to a new one that has new highlights to discover? Where you go is up to you. If you buy the tickets for later in summer, your little dinosaur fan will be looking forward to the visit all summer long!

Simple dinosaur activity for a rip-roaring summer No. 11: Visit your favourite dinosaur park or museum to see such sites as this T-Rex teenager at the Dinosaur Museum in Altmühltal in Germany

Dino summer, here we come!

Take away the Mamasaurus headache and make this summer memorable for your little dinosaur fan with these fun, cheap and simple dinosaur activities. Your little dinosaur fan will be roaring with delight and will have so much to tell the other dinosaur fans when they return to school.

Is there anything that we should add to our ultimate summer bucket list for dinosaur fans?

Enjoy your Summer sign-off

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11 dinosaur activities for a fun-filled summer

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