5 fun ways to celebrate graduation – dino style!

Is your little dinosaur fan about to graduate from kindergarten or primary school? Dino-fy their graduation and make the memories extra special with our 5 easy ideas.

In just over a month, our Little Dinosaur Aficionado is graduating this year. It’s only kindergarten, but after 4 years, it is still quite a milestone. There will be a ceremony (without hats and gowns), but I am looking for other, more personal ways, to mark the milestone. I’ve come up with 5 ways to celebrate graduation dino-style!

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5 easy ways to celebrate graduation dino-style, with graduation cap, diploma and toy dinosaur

The German education system

As some of you may know, we are located in Germany. The German education system is quite different to the systems in Anglo-Saxon countries, so we thought we might briefly explain the system here. That way, you will understand why kindergarten graduation is such a milestone here.

In our area, children aged two to six generally attend kindergarten. Attendance is optional, but most parents will enrol their kids, so many in fact that in most towns parents will be quite anxious while waiting to hear if they have a place for their child. The rules vary depending on the state and the city, but in our state, the last two years of kindergarten are free (before that there is a monthly, means-based fee).

In August, she will start school. Schooling is compulsory until at least grade 9 or 10. She will start grade 1 and have four years at Grundschule (primary/elementary school) before moving on to secondary school, Normally, unless pregnancy, illness, moving house or other issue require, children will stay with the same class and the same main teacher all through primary school. I don’t know what you do if their teaching style does not suit your child.

Secondary school is streamed according to academic ability, with three different types of school on offer. At this stage, we’re secretly hoping that our LDA’s love of dinosaurs will help her academically and see her later attend a Gymnasium (that is the most academic of the three secondary schools in Germany, not a gym).

In Germany, there is more focus on the start of compulsory schooling than there is on kindergarten graduation. Still, I wanted to mark the end of an era and find ways to celebrate graduation and the start of summer – dino style!

5 creative ways to celebrate graduation dino style

1. Dino-fy your photos

Does your child have a favourite dinosaur t-shirt or dress they could wear for their last day of kindergarten or school photos? Or can their hold their favourite dinosaur lunch box or toy dinosaur? You could even get them a dino-themed graduation t-shirt. Yes, it could be that simple.

I’m thinking about possibly putting up a special backdrop to celebrate. Some of these dinosaur helium balloons could be useful, with some streamers. I love this balloon garland and these honeycomb dinosaurs could make a great banner.

Alternatively, I may buy or make a sign or something to be featured in the photos. These personalized chalkboard signs are cute. Ans I might just have to make or buy some photo booth props. Or perhaps make a polaroid-style frame with “Class of 2021” and a dinosaur or two on it.

First way to celebrate graduation dino-style: use dinosaur props in photos

2. Sign a dinosaur autograph book

An easy way to celebrate graduation dino-style: Grab a dinosaur autograph book and have all the little dinosaurs in the class sign it. They can even add their favourite dinosaur, or what they want to be when they grow up (palaeontologist, am I right?).

Second way to celebrate graduation dino-style: use an autograph book. Who is going to be a future palaeontologist

3. Have some dinosaur ice cream

Extend the graduation day celebrations by going out for some dinosaur ice cream. Better yet, make some ice cream sundaes at home with our simple homemade dinosaur ice cream recipe! #dinoicecream

Third way to celebrate graduation dino-style: eat some dinosaur ice cream sundaes

4. Make some dinosaur bubbles

What little dinosaur does not like popping bubbles? Grab some dinosaur bubble wands, or make dinosaur bubbles. What are dinosaur bubbles? Dino-sized ones. You’ll need your dinosaur-sized bubble wand.

Fourth way to celebrate graduation dino-style: with dino-sized bubbles

5. Go on a field trip

I am contemplating extending our graduation celebrations into the weekend. The kindergarten is intending to have a sleepover for the kids on the evening of the graduation ceremony, but they will still have a week of kindergarten to go. Why not celebrate graduation dino-style by extending the graduation until it about as long as a Diplodocus’ tail?

Why not go on a dinosaur field trip? Check out the dinosaur parks or museums in your area or even go further afield. We have a zoo in the Netherlands that we want to check out. In addition to the impressive array of animals, it has a Dino-Dome with life-sized dinosaurs.

Why not walk where dinosaur roamed to celebrate graduation dino-style? At the moment, you can find some of our other reviews here.

Fifth was to celebrate graduation dino-style: go on a field trip and visit a dinosaur museum or park

Dinosaur graduation gifts

Of course, the easiest way to celebrate graduation dino-style is with dome dinosaur graduation gifts.

The best thing about dinosaur gifts is they can be both educational and fun! For graduation, we’re looking at gifts that can be enjoyed during the summer holidays before school starts:

  1. Fossil eggs: Make your own with our easy DIY.
  2. A dinosaur kite: I prefer the pterosaur ones, which technically are not dinosaurs, but you can get dinosaur ones too.
  3. If you are planning to spend time at the beach, or even the pool, get a dinosaur beach towel. Add some dinosaur fossil forms to build your own sandpit fossils, a dinosaur pool float or some inflatable dinosaur toys, just for fun.
  4. Dinosaur books: Help your LDA with some light summer reading. You can even add a book about a dinosaur beach.
  5. Tickets: If you can’t make it on graduation day (or even if you can), get some tickets for your dinosaur field trip. As most places (at least here) have timed entries, organise the timeslot ticket while you are at it.
Simple dinosaur graduation gifts, like dinosaur sand forms that can help your little dinosaur fan build one of these dinosaur fossil sand castles

Give them a roaring start to Summer & celebrate their achievement

For a little dinosaur fan, adding dinosaurs to anything makes the experience even sweeter. So why not make their graduation memories even sweeter by dino-fying them with one or more of our simple ideas. They will be roaring with delight (and thanks) as they celebrate their milestone.

How will you celebrate graduation dino-style?

Enjoy & RAWR! Sign off

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How to celebrate graduation dino-style; 5 fun and simple ideas; make it din-riffic! With three children in pink caps and gowns

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