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Welcome to Mrs Maiasaura
Hi! I’m Mamasaurus!

Have you ever tried to find something dinosaur related to do with your little dinosaur fan only to become despondent because it is all over the place? Mrs Maiasaura has all dinosaurs. All. In. One. Place.
We’re raising our little dinosaur aficionado (LDA) and sharing everything you need to raise happy and inquisitive little dinosaur fans.

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Fun and easy recipes to make with your dino fan

Whether you’re cooking for a special occasion or just for a fun Wednesday night meal, we’ve got all the dinosaur recipes you need.

Easy dinosaur craft ideas

Cutting, glueing, and painting our way to some creative Cretaceous crafting masterpieces.

Want to make some dinosaur crafts?

Grab our free list of craft supplies you need to tackle almost any craft project whenever you like.

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Have a roaring good time with these activities

What’s better than just playing with dinosaurs? Doing activities involving dinosaurs and doing investigations, just like a real palaeontologist.

You can dino-fy almost any dish: learn how

Every little dinosaur fan wants a dinosaur-themed birthday party. But a dinosaur party is not a realy dinosaur party unless you serve dinosaur food.
Get our 7 simple tips for turning almost any food into a party-worthy dinosaur dish and make your dinosaur party a roaring success.

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Let’s party

Every little dinosaur fan wants a dinosaur-themed birthday party. We’ve got ideas, freebies and tips to make sure your dinosaur birthday party is as unique as your little dinosaur fan.