How to make a simple and fun Easter bunny dinosaur

Turn your favourite toy Therapod into a cute Easter bunny dinosaur in just a few steps with this simple and fun Easter craft.

Imagine T-Rex hopping through the garden, delivering Easter eggs.

The irony of a small, cute bunny rabbit being superseded by one of the largest, most ferocious creatures ever to roam the earth gave me the giggles.

Besides, we have Christmas dinosaurs and dinosaurs in pilgrim hats for Thanksgiving, why not have a fun Easter bunny dinosaur?

Here’s how to make your own dinosaur Easter bunny, AKA Easter Rex.

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TITLE: Easter dinosaur, in this case an Easter Rex
CRAFT: Bunny ears and tail for a (toy) Tyrannosaurus Rex
DINOSAUR: Tyrannosaurus Rex (or other therapod)
BEST FOR: Easter, obviously
EASE: 5 out of 5, and with a little help, your LDA can do most of the work.

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Dinosaur Easter bunny: Toy Tyrannosaurus Rex as the Easter bunny, with felt bunny ears, pompom tail and a bucket for of Easter eggs

How would dinosaurs celebrate Easter?

Assuming for a moment that they did celebrate Easter…

Small carnivorous dinosaurs often enjoyed a dinosaur egg as an Easter treat. Oviraptors were even named “egg thief” for their supposed propensity for eggs (especially Ceratopsian eggs).

Herbivores, on the other hand, are unlikely to appreciate eggs, even at Easter. Recent research shows cocoa trees only evolved around 10 MYA. Unfortunately, dinosaurs would not have tasted the joy of chocolate.

While larger dinosaurs may have laid eggs, they would not have the dexterity – or the arm length – to decorate and hide eggs like the Easter bunny. Smaller, agile dinosaurs such as Compsognathus would instead have that task.

Easter Rex would merely be a figurehead, the dinosaur Easter bunny, or Easter Rex. He is the king of the dinosaurs, after all.

Close up of our Easter Rex, with his felt bunny ears and pompom tail showing

Why you should make an Easter Rex

For fun!

Who says all Easter eggs have to be chicken eggs? Why can’t they be dinosaur eggs? And if the eggs are dinosaur eggs, why can’t there be an Easter Rex instead of an Easter bunny?

This is a simple and fun Easter decoration to make with your little dinosaur fan. The Easter bunny dinosaur can hide amongst the flowers on your dining table for Easter brunch or help your little dinosaur fans find their (dinosaur fossil) Easter eggs.

What you need to make this Easter dinosaur

  1. A large T-Rex.
  2. A tiny basket, or in our case bucket. It should be proportionate to your dinosaur. Try toy sets (ours is from a Barbie Sea World set) or the Dollar Store.
  3. Mini Easter eggs or jelly beans.
  4. Thin ribbon (1/8 inch). Alternatively, you could use string.
  5. A glue gun. I prefer a low-temperature glue gun because I will need to hold things together with my fingers.
  6. A white or cream pompom
  7. Felt in pale pink and white/cream/brown or grey
  8. A coordinating pipe cleaner
  9. Scissors
  10. Small spring stickers (optional).

3 tips for making a dinosaur Easter bunny

  • Experiment a little to find the right therapod to use as your Easter dinosaur. While it does not have to be a Tyrannosaurus, it should be one that has good balance. This balance will change when the dinosaur is holding the basket, so be sure to try it with your basket, including with a full basket.
  • If you can’t find an appropriately sized basket or bucket, get some small chocolate or plastic eggs or even some egg-shaped bouncy balls, about 3 to 4 cm high, for your dinosaur to hold instead.
  • If you prefer, you can go without the extra pieces of pipe cleaner on the inside of each ear. The wire in the pipe cleaner helps to hold the ears up and lets you bend them as you wish.
Easter bunny dinosaur: Toy Tyrannosaurus Rex with a pompom bunny tail, felt bunny ears and a bucket of Easter eggs, ready to deliver them

Hop to it, Rex!

I know who’s going to be hiding the Easter eggs at our house this Easter. Make this simple Easter craft with your little dinosaur fan and the dinosaur Easter bunny can deliver them to your house, too.

If you can get the visual of T-Rex trying to hop without dropping and cracking any eggs out of your head.

Do you have any dinosaur-theme Easter decorations?
Happy Easter sign-off
Make your own Easter bunny dinosaur: Toy Tyrannosaurus with felt bunny ears and pompom tail

Easter dinosaur AKA Easter Rex

Yield: 1 Easter dinosaur
Active Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Difficulty: Simple

Easter Rex? What dinosaur fan does not want a Tyrannosaurus Rex masquerading as the Easter bunny? A simple craft to make a fun dinosaur Easter decoration.


  • 1 large dinosaur
  • 1 pipe cleaner (white)
  • 1 piece of pale pink felt
  • 1 piece of white (or cream) felt
  • Thin ribbon
  • 1 white (or cream) pompom
  • 1 tiny basket or bucket
  • tiny Easter eggy or jelly beans


  • Scissors
  • Low-temperature glue gun and glue
  • 1 lead pencil


For the bunny ears

  1. Take the pipe cleaner and bend it across the top of the dinosaur's head, like a headband. Cut to length.
  2. Work out how long you would like the bunny ears to be and cut two pieces of pipe cleaner that are about 2 cm longer than your desired ear length. Bend one end of each pipe cleaner piece around your headband to secure, leaving a piece the desired length of your ears in place.
  3. Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to go around the dinosaur's head and tie a bow under its chin. Tie the ribbon to one side of the headband, wind the ribbon around the headband and tie it on the other side, leaving enough to tie the bow on each side.
  4. Draw a bunny ear on your white felt leaving approximately 1.5 cm at the bottom to wrap around your headband. Cut it out then use it as a template to draw the second ear. Cut it out too. Use it again as a template to cut a piece out of the pink felt to use as the inner ear, this time without the additional 1.5 cm at the bottom. Use the first pink inner ear as the template for the second.
  5. Place the white ear in position, with the pipe cleaner ear on top and glue the two together. Wrap the 1.5 cm overlay around the headband and secure it with glue. Place the pink inner ear over the top of the pipe cleaner and glue it into place. Repeat to form the second ear.
  6. Once the glue has dried, trim the headband, if necessary, and secure it into place by tying a bow with the ribbon.

For the bunny tail

  1. Tie the ribbon in a bow around the part of the tail where you'd like the cottontail to sit. and cut the ribbon to the right length.
  2. Cut a small circle out of the white felt.
  3. Glue the felt circle to the middle of the ribbon, then glue the pompom to the felt.


We added a fun spring flower sticker to our Easter bucket to make it a little more seasonal.

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