24 perfect dinosaur gifts for your advent calendar

We’ve scouted the internet for the 24 best gifts for your Advent calendar. Hint: they make great stocking stuffers for little dinosaur fans, too. We also share some ideas on how to make a dino Advent calendar.

When we were little, we used to countdown to big events or Christmas with “Playschool sleeps” (The Australians will know what I mean). The German system is much more civilised. Children receive an advent calendar count the days until Christmas.

You can buy or make an Advent calender. However, if you are looking for a dinosaur Advent calendar, I’d recommend the latter. For those making their own for their little dinosaur fan, we’ve got some suggestions for the perfect dinosaur gifts for your advent calendar.

Toy dinosaur in a

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What is an advent calendar?

Advent is the four Sundays before Christmas. The word comes from the Latin word adventus, which means coming. It heralds the coming or birth of Jesus Christ, which is celebrated at Christmas.

Advents calendars count down the days until Christmas. They were first used by German Lutherans in the 19th century. An advent calendar always starts on 1 December and has 24 or 25, depending on when Christmas is celebrated.

Originally, advent calendars revealed pictures and Bible verses each day. Nowadays they will be filled with chocolates or toys or even beer or nail polish. You can buy one finished and ready to use, or make one yourself.

Dinosaur Gifts for your advent calendar

I prefer to make our own advent calendar, wrapping up 24 little presents for our LDA each year. Most gifts are things she needs – like socks and bubble bath mix – with a few dinosaur gifts thrown in.

If you wanted to make your dinosaur advent calendar truly RAWRsome and fill it with all dinosaur gifts for your little dinosaur lover, here’s a few ideas.

Did I mention these also make great stocking stuffers?

Gift suggestions for a dinosaur advent calendar - gifts 1 to 8

1. Lego set

Why not start with a small lego set, such as this velociraptor set? Or this small Playmobil set?

2. A dinosaur keychain

Dinosaur keychains are great gifts for your dinosaur advent calendar. If your little dinosaur fan is not yet old enough to have their own keys, they can hang the keyring on their bag.

There are a variety of keychains available. Some are cute, some are scarier (realistic) and some, like this one and this one, you might even want yourself. Or make your own backpack bling!

3. A book

A dinosaur book is always a great addition to any dinosaur advent calendar. Check out our list of dinosaur Christmas books here.

4. Underwear

Useful and cute: add some dinosaur underwear to your dinosaur advent calendar. There’s some for girls and some for boys.

5. Socks

While you’re looking at undergarments, add some dinosaur socks to your dinosaur advent calendar. I like these grippy ones with a Triceratops and a T-Rex.

6 and 7. Hat and gloves

Over here it’s winter, so anything to help keep our LDA warm is a good thing. These hat and gloves are the perfect practical gifts for your dinosaur advent calendar.

Or 6 and 7. Bathing suit and swimming cap

Or is it summer where you are? If it is, try a bathing suit and swimming cap.

8. Sticker book

A dinosaur sticker book will keep your little dinosaur fan entertained for hours. Make sure you add one to your dinosaur advent calendar.

Suggestions for the dinosaur Advent calendar - suggestions 9 to 16

9. Another book

Add another book – because you can never have enough.

10. Tattoos

Some temporary tattoos are easy gifts for your dinosaur advent calendar and kids love them (even if they are not major dinosaur fans). These ones glow in the dark.

11. Magnifying glass

Is your little dinosaur fan an avid investigator? Try a magnifying glass. You can also buy an explorer kit and split it into a number of small gifts.

12. Excavation kit

Add a dinosaur excavation kit to your dinosaur advent calendar (or make your own excavation eggs).

13. Torch

Add a simple flashlight – it’s good for more than dinosaur experiments and shadow puppets.

14. Card game

Add a box of cards – dinosaur cards of course. There’s dinosaur UNO. We love this game of snap with a twist – the dinosaurs and their fossils are also a match!

15. Colouring book

Our LDA loves colouring at the moment. Add a colouring book to your dinosaur advent calendar. We’re looking at giving our LDA a paint by stickers book.

16. Felt-tipped markers

Of course, what good is a colouring book without some markers to colour it in?

Suggested gifts for a Dinosaur advent calendar - gifts 17 to 24

17. A small dinosaur

Grab a set of dinosaurs and divide them up – some for your dinosaur Advent calendar, some for the stocking, perhaps some from Santa. This set of large dinosaurs would work, this Jurassic World set is good for a child who is a fan of Camp Cretaceous, or for a younger child try this set with a sound book.

Alternatively, you might like to try some of IKEA’s new JÄTTELIK range, which is all about dinosaurs. The Brontosaurus featured in our Pilgrim Dinosaurs post.

18. Dinosaur mug

Start the day right each morning or snuggle with a hot chocolate in a dinosaur mug. Our LDA wants a Brachiosaurus mug, but I’m rather partial to this geologic time mug.

19. Dino cookie cutters

Some dinosaur cookie cutters work well in the kitchen and for crafts and are fun gifts for your dinosaur advent calendar, too. We have this set, and some of these fossil cutters too. We used them to make our festive sugar cookies!

If you don’t want to buy a whole set, the Christmas markets in Germany and other places often have stands selling cookie cutters and other fun kitchen gadgets. They often have dinosaur cookie cutters for sale.

20. Dinosaur apron

A dinosaur apron might encourage your little dinosaur fan to get creative in the kitchen.

21. Dinosaur bath bombs

We’re going to be making our own dinosaur bath bombs soon. However, if you don’t have the time, you can get some here. Perfect for your dinosaur Advent calendar and for bath time!

22. Paintable dinosaur

Encourage your budding artist with a paintable dinosaur set.

23. Dinosaur game

We’re loving this Dinosaur Bingo game. And this Dino Dump game is on our LDA’s wish list. Perhaps it will end up in her dinosaur advent calendar.

24. Ticket to a dinosaur museum

Get some tickets or a voucher for your favourite dinosaur museum or park, or perhaps one you are eager to try out. This supports your local museum and promises your little dinosaur fan a day out at one of their favourite places (when the museums open again).

The Dinosaur Park in Münchehagen has vouchers, for example. You can buy tickets online for The Children’s Museum Indianapolis or the Field Museum in Chicago. The Natural History Museum in London is free to visit, but you can adopt a dinosaur, or even buy a ticket for Dino Snores, the Museum’s sleepover with the dinosaurs.

Dino-fy your Advent calendar this Christmas!

The best dinosaur gifts to use for your Advent calendar or as stocking stuffers and simple ideas to dino-fy your Advent calendar. If you make your child an Advent calendar use as many dinosaurs as you can stand – and watch their excitement. And it is a much simpler way to countdown to Christmas than “Playschool sleeps.” Trust me.

Are there any dinosaur gifts we missed?

Enjoy the Fest Season sign-off

Save the ideas for later:

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