A large herbivorous “duck-billed” dinosaur. Maiasaura fossils were found together with nests and younglings, the first evidence that some dinosaurs raised and fed their young. The name comes from the Greek goddess “μαία” (Maia) and the feminine form of the Latin saurus, it means “good mother reptile” or “good mother lizard”.

Does your child love dinosaurs?

Our daughter, AKA Minisaurus, the #littledinosauraficionado, is dinosaur mad and has been since before she turned 2.

She astounded her kindergarten teachers when she could recite facts about her favourite dinosaurs and name all the ones they had (correctly). She asked Father Christmas for a palaeontologist Barbie when she was 3 years old.

In just a few short years, we’ve been to more dinosaur parks, museums and sites than most people see in a lifetime. And we’ve hunted the internet for dinosaur recipes and craft and activity ideas.

What did we learn?

There is a lot of dinosaur stuff out there. I am not the only one with a little dinosaur fan. Some Dinomoms are very creative and I know their little dinosaurs love them for it.

But it is ALL. OVER. THE. PLACE.

This made it difficult to find what I wanted.

Sometime during our first lockdown, I got tired of looking all over the place for dinosaur-related activities.

Our Mama and Minisaurus venture was hatched

In a fit of pique, Mrs Maiasaura was born.

And yes, that is a real “we”, not just a royal one. Our LDA (that’s Little Dinosaur Aficionado) is helping Mamasaurus with this venture.

When she was not building dinosaur zoos, photographing dinosaur footprints or playing doctor to some sick dinosaurs, our LDA was working on her “dinosaur blog”. She would type on her broken laptop and run around the yard taking photos for her blog. We made her imaginary blog a reality!

Our LDA provides valuable feedback on the museums and parks we review, tackles craft projects and activities with a roar and is my apprentice chef and chief taste-tester for all our dinosaur-themed recipes.

She frequently offers to have an unscheduled dinosaur birthday party so that we can try out some party ideas. If that is not convenient, it is her toy Brachiosaurus’ birthday soon.

She will even take photos! I just have to work on the tech side of things and help with spelling.

I guess that is what all good Mamasaurs do.

Who is Mrs Maiasaura?

It is the place where you can find it all. ALL. IN. ONE. PLACE!

All dinosaurs, all the time!

It’s a work in progress

We’re slowly adding to our dinosaur recipes, activities, and crafts and visiting dinosaur museums and parks to review them.

One day, we will have everything a future palaeontologist (and their Mum or Dad) could want!

For little dinosaur lovers.
And anyone who knows a little dinosaur lover.

RAWR! Come join the fun!

Mamasaurus sign-off simple
Who is Mrs Maiasaura? Minisaurus, by chance with a Maiasaura at Münchehagen Dinosaurier Park.