Thankful dinosaurs: classic Thanksgiving craft with a simple prehistoric twist

Are you looking for a simple and RAWRsome craft to make this Thanksgiving? Goodbye tired craft turkeys, hello thankful dinosaurs! These are guaranteed to be a hit in your Thanksgiving decor.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and for us, that means some dinosaur crafting! Today we’re sharing our thankful dinosaurs, our prehistoric twist on the common Thankgiving turkey craft.

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A note about Thanksgiving

We’re not American (or Canadian), so we don’t traditionally celebrate Thanksgiving. It’s not a holiday and we don’t spend hours cooking and visiting with family.

However, we do understand the concept of giving thanks. This year, more than most, it is a year to give thanks and a create a new tradition for our LDA. But as with any of our crafts, they work better with a prehistoric twist.

This is what we came up with.

Feathered dinosaurs

Some dinosaurs are known to have had feathers, and not just those that resembled early birds. The 1.5 tonne, 9 metre long Yutyrannus Huali, the beautiful feathered tyrant discovered in China in 2012, is the largest dinosaur discovered at present with evidence of feathers.

However, a more recent discovery suggests that all dinosaurs had some form of feathers, even the Tyrannosaurus Rex. The Kulindadromeus zabaikalicus was a feathered dinosaur discovered in Russia in 2014. It is an ‘ornithischian’ or beaked dinosaur, which is a group quite distinct from the theropods which are otherwise known to have had feathers (from which birds actually descended).

This discovery shows that not just those dinosaurs which were most closely related to birds had feathers. Instead, it is more likely that all dinosaurs had feathers, just like mammals all have some type of hair.

Artist's rendition of Yutyrannus Huali image by AMNH

Feathered thankful dinosaurs

This dinosaur is inspired by the common thankful turkey paper crafts.

Basically, if we could add feathers to a turkey or an image of a turkey, why couldn’t we add them to a dinosaur? After all, it seems that most dinosaurs once had feathers.

And why does it have to be a picture? Why can’t it be a toy?

At least that was the concept.

What we came up with is a toy dinosaur wearing a ‘skirt’ of thankful feathers. It’s just as cute and easy as the paper thankful turkey, but it’s a little more fun – and more suited to a little dinosaur lover.

A RAWRsome thankful dinosaur; easy Thanksgiving craft for dinosaur fans

Our supplies

Before we get to our dinosaur Thankgiving craft idea, there are a few supplies that you will need.

  • Some coloured card stock, in bright colours. Traditionally, for these types of crafts, you would use autumnal colours and the colours of turkey feathers. For some reason, almost all of our a cardstock was missing – I’m not sure what craft project is responsible for it – so our feathers look rather beachy.
  • Sharp scissors, preferably detail craft scissors, which are great for cutting paper.
  • Black text marker (relatively fine-tipped).
  • A toy dinosaur – whatever is your favourite. We used our T-Rex, though the Brachiosaurus also looked quite thankful to be included.
  • A piece of string, long enough to go around the dinosaur’s waist and tie in a bow.
  • Sticky tape, for ease and to avoid mess.
What you need to make a thankful dinosaur

Suitable for small children – with some assistance

Basically, I did the cutting and writing. Our LDA could have written on each of the feathers but she has trouble fitting things in a small space.

Our LDA chose the dinosaur, came up with the things that she is thankful for and assembled the feathered waistband.

And, of course, she is thankful for dinosaurs.

Thankful dinosaurs - a fun prehistoric twist on the classic thankful paper turkey craft

Thankful dinosaurs

Yield: 1 dinosaur
Prep Time: 3 minutes
Active Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 18 minutes

A thankful Thanksgiving turkey - a few million years earlier


  • 1 toy dinosaur of your choice
  • paper or cardstock in various colours
  • 1 piece of string, long enough to go around the waist of the dinosaur and tie in a bow.


  • 1 pair scissors
  • 1 black marker
  • sticky tape


  1. Decide on a good feather size for your chosen dinosaur.
  2. Draw a feather shape in the appropriate size on a piece of card stock. Lengthen it by approx. 5mm at one end. Cut out the first feather and use it as a stencil or simply draw further feathers on other pieces of card stock. Cut out the additional feathers too.
  3. If you like, make little cuts in the sides of the 'feathers' to make them look more like feathers.
  4. Write one thing that you (or your little dinosaur fan) is thankful for on each feather.
  5. Fold the 5mm end down (so that it folds onto the side where you have not written something for which you are thankful). Plce the string under the fold and secure the fold with sticky tape.
  6. Attach the other feathers in the same manner until a small skirt is formed. Wrap the skirt around the dinosaur and tie the two ends of the string in a knot or bow.


It does not really matter what type of dinosaur you use. We now know that many probably had feathers - even the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex is thought to have had some feathers.

Did you make this with your little dinosaur fan?

Share it on Instragram and tag us, @mrsmaiasaura to let us and other dinosaur fans know.

Show thanks with thankful dinosaurs this Thanksgiving

Are you looking for an easy craft to make with your little dinosaur fan this Thanksgiving? Show them the meaning of gratitude with these thankful dinosaurs! Our simple prehistoric twist on a classic Thanksgiving turkey craft – the perfect craft to make this Thanksgiving!

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? What do you think the dinosaurs would be thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving sign-off with stegosaurus in a pilgrim hat

Pin for later

Fun thankful dinosaurs for Thanksgiving - pin with image of dinosaur
Simple thankful dinosaurs: pin with image of a thankful dinosaur
Thankful dinosaurs to make this Thanksgiving: pin with image of a thankful dinosaur

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