DIY Felt Stegosaurus egg cosy in 4 simple steps (with free template)

Our felt Stegosaurus egg cosy is an easy chocolate-free Easter gift to make for a little dinosaur fan. It fits over any standard egg cup and is perfect for any dinosaur lover’s breakfast. Why not make one this Easter?

Our felt Stegosaurus egg cosy is an easy chocolate-free Easter gift to make for a little dinosaur fan. It fits over any standard egg cup and is perfect for any dinosaur lover’s breakfast or lunchbox. There are only four simple steps and you don’t need to know how to knit or crochet to make it. Why not make this easy DIY dinosaur egg cosy for your little dinosaur fan?

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Stegosaurus egg cosy over an egg and wire egg cup

What is an egg cosy?

An egg cosy – also spelt egg cozy – is a small cover made of wool or felt or even an old sock, that is designed to be placed over an individual boiled egg to keep it warm.

Our LDA loves boiled eggs and has them regularly for breakfast (I think it is a German thing). I thought it might be nice to get her something dinosaur related Easter.

This Diplodocus egg cup and this T-Rex egg cup were already on our dinosaur shopping list (do you have one of those?), but I decided to make something this year.

She likes to eat her egg last. By this stage, her egg is not only cool enough to eat, it is cold. Perhaps an egg cosy would help?

The inspiration for our Stegosaurus egg cosy

I wanted something easy and not quite so obvious. Of course, it had to work as an egg cosy, too.

I consulted my old pal google (we talk daily) and found this super cute DIY dinosaur egg cosy.

Unfortunately, I can’t crochet or knit (really, I can’t). I briefly considered learning to crochet (for about 10 seconds), but after watching a how-to video, I decided now was not the time. Ditto knitting. I also briefly considered asking my friend Rachel to make it for me, but it would probably take too long to in the post (which is totally not her fault!).

Instead, I decided to adapt the idea to my skills. Some felt and basic hand-sewing I could handle. And with an easy template from this bunny cosy tutorial, I knew our Stegosaurus egg cosy was going to work.

Felt Stegosaurus egg cosy; DIY dinosaur egg cosy over an egg and a egg cup

Tips for making our DIY dinosaur egg cosy

To make this Stegosaurus egg cosy, you will need our template. You can find it here.

You can use as many different coloured pieces of felt and embroidery thread as you like. I ended up with five colours and only realized later that I had used the colours we use on Mrs Maiasaura – our brand colours, if you like. It was purely coincidental, I promise! You can use as many as seven colours and as few as two if you wish.

I used just two strands of the embroidery thread, doubled over, so that it was not too thick. It might depend on the size of the eye of your needles.

How long it will take will depend almost entirely on how well you sew. I took about an hour to sew my DIY dinosaur egg cosy, but sewing is not my favourite thing to do and I had to stop a couple of times to consider how to best do things. The other steps do not take much time at all.

The egg cosy will fit one standard, or even an XL egg, with some space. There is no guarantee that it will fit an oversized chocolate Easter egg, unless you want it to look like an egg with a hat. The egg cosy does fit one of our dinosaur fossil eggs (at least it fits the ones we made).

How to make a Stegosaurus egg cosy; DIY dinosaur egg cosy on the side, keeping an egg cosy
Stegosaurus egg cosy: how to DIY your own felt dinosaur egg cosy, with egg cosy over an egg and an egg cup

DIY Felt Stegosaurus egg cosy

Yield: 1 dinosaur egg cosy
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 15 minutes
Additional Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour 20 minutes

A simple DIY dinosaur egg cosy out of felt, especially for Stegosaurus fans. It's an easy Easter gift.


  • 1 to 4 pieces of felt
  • 1 dinosaur egg cosy template (printed)
  • embroidery thread (in 1 or 2 colours)


  • scissors
  • dressmaker's pins
  • a needle


  1. Print off the dinosaur egg cosy template and cut out each of the pattern elements.
    What you need to make our Stegosaurus egg cosy
  2. Attach the elements of the pattern to your chosen felt with the dressmaker's pins. Cut out your felt pieces, following the pattern.
    All elements of the patter cut out, layers in place and starting to stitch our DIY dinosaur egg cosy together
  3. Lay one body piece on top of the other so that they line up. Place the back spikes piece between the two body pieces so that it follows the line of the back and only the spikes are showing. Thread the needle with embroidery thread and stitch along the back to join the three pieces of felt together.
    Stegosaurus egg cosy all stitched along its back.
  4. Fold each of the tail spikes in half along the short edge. Sew about 5 stitches along the fold to keep it flat. Unfold the spikes and place one on each side of the tail with the stitched side towards the middle. Stich the two spikes to the tail along the fold line of each tail.
    Tail spike folded in two and a few stitches placed along the fold.


I used two strands of embroidery thread (of normally 6), doubled over.

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Did you make this with your little dinosaur fan?

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Make this Stegosaurus egg cosy for your little dinosaur fan

If your little dinosaur fan likes eating eggs and you are looking for an easy chocolate-free Easter gift, this DIY dinosaur egg cosy is perfect. You need very little to make one and it’s as quick as you can sew, with just four simple steps.

Why not make one this Easter?

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