Angelsaurs and Reindinos: 2 simple dinosaur Christmas decorations to make with your dinosaur fan

It’s Christmas time, so what better time to make some dinosaur Christmas decorations? We’ve taken inspiration from different sources to put together instructions for two special and simple dinosaur Christmas decorations and lots of other ideas, that are just as easy and just as cute. Which one will you make?

It’s Christmas time, so what better time to make some dinosaur Christmas decorations? We’ve taken inspiration from different sources to put together two special and simple dinosaur Christmas decorations, both of which can be made with a little dinosaur lover. We also have a number of other ideas, that are just as easy and just as cute.

Simple dinosaur Christmas decoration ideas: An Angelsaur and a Reindino

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Simple dinosaur Christmas decoration ideas: A Reindino and an Angelsaur

Hark, the herald Angel-saurs sing!

The first of our simple dinosaur Christmas decorations is our Angelsaur.

Believe it or not, the inspiration for this ornament came from watching Playmobil: The Movie. If you have seen it, you will understand. If not, I will not give it away for you.

Last year, a Christmas ornament made by a friend alerted me to the fact that you could buy mini angel wings. It took a while for us to source some the right size in Germany, but we eventually found some – providing we used a big enough dinosaur.

If you can’t find some feathered ones, there are some simple plastic ones available, as are padded wings in gold or silver or plain wooden ones that you can paint any colour you wish (depending on the look you are going for).

A simple and fun Angeldaur

Don’t forget to add your halo.

Other than that, it is all about wielding a hot glue gun (in fact, that is the secret behind all three simple dinosaur Christmas decorations).

Paint and glitter your dinosaur as you wish (we painted ours with spray paint leftover from our dinosaur Advent wreath).

If you would like to hang it on your tree, attach a ribbon loop with your hot glue gun. Our wings already came with a loop attached, which we left on instead of attaching another loop.

If your Angelsaurus is going to be your new tree topper, attach an old bed spring or a spring formed from aluminium wire (quite easy to bend), or even an old wire coat hanger (will take more effort to shape). If your dinosaur is soft enough, you can stab it and insert the wire between its legs or on its belly to form your tree topper.

Isn’t she just angelic?

Angelsaur hanging in the Christmas tree

Rudolf, the red-nosed Reindino

This fun and simple dinosaur Christmas decoration was inspired by two of the books on our festive read list: “Dinosaur Christmas” by Jerry Pallotta and Howard McWilliam and “The Dinosaurs’ Night Before Christmas” by Anne Muecke and Nathan Hale.

As I normally do, I then went trawling the internet and came across these fun animals posing as reindeer. If other animals can play reindeer games, why can’t dinosaurs?

Simple dinosaur Christmas decoration ideas: An adorable rending

And I’m not one to reinvent the wheel, so I’m basically followed the instructions for making the other animals.

All I needed to do was get some white spray paint – and collect some twigs from the garden.

Of course, I used a Carnosaurus, as it originally had horns – the closest dinosaurs came to antlers. Our Triceratops was already part of our Advent wreath.

Simple dinosaur Christmas decoration ideas: A rending with a bowl of ornaments
2 simple dinosaur Christmas decorations: How to make an Angelsaur or a Reindino, with a Pachycephalosaur Angelsaurus and Carnosaurus Reindeer

Simple dinosaur Christmas decorations

Yield: 2 dinos
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Active Time: 10 minutes
Additional Time: 1 day
Total Time: 1 day 20 minutes

Two simple dinosaur Christmas decoration ideas to make with or for your dinosaur fan.


  • For the Angelsaurus
  • - 1 toy dinosaur (preferably not Stegosaurus)
  • - 1 set of dinosaur wings
  • - 1 gold pipe cleaner or gold wire
  • - spraypaint (optional)
  • - glitter (optional)
  • - 1 bed spring (optional)
  • - ribbon (approx. 20cm) (optional)
  • For the Reindino
  • - 1 toy dinosaur
  • - white spray paint
  • - antler twigs
  • - red paint
  • - red glitter
  • - ribbon (approx. 20cm) (optional)


  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Craft glue
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Wire cutters (optional)


For the Angelsaurus

  1. (Optional) Spray paint the dinosaur gold. Allow to dry and then brush a little craft glue on the dinosaur where you like add gold glitter.
  2. Use the wire to make a halo with a bit to wire to attach the halo to the dino head. This will need to be about 1.5 cm long plus the length that you would like to have the help away from the dinosaur's head. When the dinosaur is dry, carefully stab the wire into the dinosaur until it is about 1.5 cm in.
  3. Hot glue the wings onto the back of the dinos, sprinkling with a little glitter if you wish.
  4. If you wish to use it as a tree topper, carefully stab the bedspring into the bottom of the dinosaur. If necessary, drill a very narrow starter hole into the dinosaur to help wind the bedspring in far enough to hold it steady.
  5. Enjoy!

For the Reindino

  1. Find two similar sticks for antlers and glue them onto each side of your dinosaur's head with your hot glue gun. Allow to set.
  2. Spray paint the dinosaur, including the antlers with white spray paint.
  3. Paint a red nose on your dinosaur. While the paint is still wet, dip the nose in red glitter.
  4. Enjoy!


Depending on the spray paint your use, you may need to apply a primer first.

If you wish to hang your angelsaurus or reindino on the tree, make a loop out of ribbon and attach to the dinosaur with glue.

Did you make this with your little dinosaur fan?

Share it on Instragram and tag us, @mrsmaiasaura to let us and other dinosaur fans know.

Other suggestions for simple dinosaur Christmas decorations

Three simple dinosaur Christmas decorations would be a bit easy. So we’ve found a few more ideas for you.

Dinosaur ornaments: This is perhaps the easiest option and there are lots of inspirational pictures and instructions available. Basically, you spray paint the dinosaurs in your chosen colour(s), add glitter if you wish, and attach a ribbon to hang them. I even found one clever dinosaur fan who had a tree full of dinosaur ornaments and a meteorite made of felt as the tree topper.

Our dinosaur Advent wreath: Once they have done their duty as part of the Advent wreath, these dinosaurs can be used for decoration anywhere we want.

The dinosaurs for our dinosaur Advent wreath: Triceratops with baubles and garlands, Brachiosaurus with a tree, Stegosaurus with the presents and T-Rex tangled in the Christmas lights

Tree Rex: A twist on the T-Rex in our Advent wreath. Wrap a T-Rex in some miniature Christmas lights (a la his arms are too short to wrapt them around the tree) and put a star on it’s head.

Santa Claws: Turn your favourite Theropod into Santa (preferably something with claws, like the Utahraptor or the Therizinosaurus). Put a Santa hat on it’s head, add a beard of cotton wool and make a sack of presents for it to carry. You can even paint on or make a Santa coat for it.

Simple dinosaur Christmas decorations: try some dinosaur carol singers

Dinosaur carol singers: Using the picture below as inspiration, place a Santa hat on the dinosaur’s head and create a little carol book out of cardboard for them to hold. If you want, you can even paint on a gaudy Christmas sweater.

Three wise dino-kings: Inspired by the Christmas carol, “We Three Kings.” We were actually planning to dress up three dinosaurs as the three wise men this year, but we didn’t have three suitable dinosaurs left (It’s hard to make a regal cloak for a spiny Huayangosaurus). We may revisit this idea next year. If you would like to make your own in the meantime, use felt and a hot glue gun to make draping cloaks in rich jewel tones and cardboard and felt to construct turbans, crowns and keffiyehs. Use buttons, bottle caps and other bits and pieces to create the containers for the gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Simple dinosaur Christmas decoration ideas: Angelsaur in a bowl of Christmas ornaments with Reindino looking over the side

Angelsaur, Reindino or something else: Which simple dinosaur Christmas decoration will you make?

Easy and fun – these simple dinosaur Christmas decorations are bound to be a hit with your little dinosaur fan. The question is, which one will you make?

Angelsaur, Reindino or something else?

Enjoy the Fest Season sign-off

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Fun and simple dinosaur Christmas decorations: with Angelsaur and Reindino in a bowl of ornaments
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PIN: Fun Reindinos and Angelsaurs - simple dinosaur Christmas decoration ideas with image of a rending looking into a bowl of ornaments

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