Dinosaur party food ideas: 7 easy tricks for giving (almost) any dish a prehistoric twist

Are you planning a dinosaur birthday party? You’ll need dinosaur party food! But how do you make it? Almost any dish can become roar-worthy dinosaur party food with just a little imagination and know how. These 7 easy tricks will help get the dinosaur party food ideas flowing!


Not a lion, tiger, or child, but my food.

No one seemed to hear, busy wrangling their own dino dishes.

I had to hurry before the Triceratops dip munched all the herbivore snacks, the chili con Carnotaurus devoured the Stegosaurus cupcakes, or the meteorite meatballs wiped out the lot.

With just seven simple tricks, I had a veritable smorgasbord of dinosaur party food threatening to stomp off my plate.

No dinosaur birthday party is complete without dinosaur-themed party food.

Almost any dish can be transformed into roar-worthy dinosaur party food with just a little imagination and know how. These 7 easy tricks and some fun examples will help get the dinosaur party food ideas flowing!

Be sure to check out our dinosaur recipe ideas for further inspiration.

Turn almost any food into dinosaur party food with these 7 easy dinosaur birthday party food ideas: 1. make it dinosaur shaped, like these festive dinosaur cookies

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1. Make the dish look like a dinosaur

This is perhaps the easiest way to dino-fy food (and probably the reason why dinosaur chicken nuggets are so popular).

Ese a dinosaur-shaped cookie cutter to shape your food into dinosaurs. You might even be able to buy your food already shaped as a dinosaur (e.g., chicken nuggets).

Simple dinosaur party foods include dinosaur cookies (these also make great guest favours) or fruit slices (think dinosaurs cut out of watermelon). For our LDA’s dinosaur picnic this weekend, we had grilled cheese sandwiches cut to look like sauropods.

Magic some dinosaur waffles with this dinosaur waffle maker. Maiasaura Mac & Cheese is just your favourite mac & cheese recipe made with dinosaur pasta instead of normal macaroni.

If you prefer, you can draw a picture of a dinosaur with food. Our Triceratops dip is a great example of this and the concept can be used on almost any dip, even a sweet one.

One of the easiest dinosaur birthday cakes to make involves cutting a cake into the shape of a dinosaur and covering it with green frosting (or pink or blue or whatever colours your child prefers. Add some spots or spikes, a face and candles and you are good to go.

Trick No. 1 for finding dinosaur birthday party food ideas: make it resemble a dinosaur, like this easy Triceratops dip

2. Infuse some dinosaur body elements

Some dinosaurs have specific, instantly recognisable body parts: Stegosaurus’ backplates or thagomizer, Triceratops’ three horns and head frill, or Velociraptor’s toe-claws. Use these as inspiration for dinosaur party food ideas!

Bugles crisps make great raptor claws or Triceratops horns. Pterodactyl wings (chicken wings) are great on the barbecue and sausages like bratwurst can be dinosaur tails. Crinkle cut crisps look like dinosaur scales while half a round waffle can look like a Spinosaurus back sail with a drizzle of chocolate sauce.

Our chocolate (vegan!) cupcakes transform into dinosaur cupcakes with some Stegosaurus-inspired fondant back spikes.

Are you celebrating Halloween instead of a birthday (got your costume)? Dinosaur eyes – devilled eggs with black olives cut and placed to look like an eye – are a great dinosaur party food for a Jurassic Park parties or Halloween.

How to turn almost any food into dinosaur party food Trick No. 2: Focus on a dinosaur body part. We added some simple fondant spikes to turn these vegan chocolate cupcakes into dinosaur cupcakes

3. Fossilise

When you’re looking for party food ideas, don’t neglect fossils. And not just bones! Ichnites and coprolites are also important fossils – that’s fossilised dinosaur footprints and dinosaur poop for the uninitiated.

Savoury snacks can include our chilli con Carnotaurus with easy dinosaur bone chips. Barbecue (spare) rib fossils are great and easy to prepare in advance.

Prehistoric dinosaur eggs are an easy dinosaur party food. You can also mould a fossilised dinosaur head from an egg, using this mould. Our LDA loves them, but you might want to get more than one mould if you are planning to make these for a party.

If you are looking for something sweet, pretzels dipped in white chocolate, or candy or yoghurt melts make great dinosaur bones. Chocolate or yoghurt-dipped nuts or raisins are coprolites. Our dinosaur bark has both and makes a great addition to guest goodie bags.

Dinosaur fossil birthday cake is so easy to make. Check out how to decorate your favourite chocolate cake (coming soon to Mrs Maiasaura, but currently still on our sister site).

How to turn almost any food into dinosaur party food, Trick #3: Fossilise! This simple chilli con Carne-taurus is something special with these easy fossil bone chips

4. Take a cue from the dinosaur diet

Not all dinosaurs ate the same things. Your little dinosaur fan will remind you. Fossilised teeth reveal some dinosaurs were herbivores (vegans), some were carnivores (meat-eaters), some preferred fish or insects, while others, like the Troodon, ate a bit of everything. Use this simple distinction for your food.

We regularly have herbivore snacks at our parties: vegetable sticks, such as capsicum, carrot, celery and cucumber sticks and snow peas. Sometimes we add some hummus – pumpkin or sweet potato hummus are my favourites.

You’ve probably seen the dinosaur heads carved out of watermelons. If your carving skills are like mine (ahem), used fruit to create a silhouette of a dinosaur on a large plate instead.

A carnivore buffet or platter is a simple dinosaur party food idea, especially where adults will also be present. Any meat you wish to serve is part of the buffet: ribs, wings, drumsticks, flank, sausages…

You can also specify a dinosaur. Fish fingers, for example, are Spinosaurus or Sarcosuchus sticks.

Dinosaur birthday party food ideas Trick #5: Look to the dinosaur's diet. These herbivore snacks are one of the easiest ways to make some healthy vegetable sticks into dinosaur party food

5. Draw inspiration from the prehistoric environment

The prehistoric environment abounds with dinosaur party food ideas. You don’t even have to specify a location or timeframe.

Chocolate pudding with gummi dinosaurs makes great tar pits. Plesiosaurus pond slime (green jelly) is always a winner. Lettuce in a salad is rainforest leaves. At her dinosaur picnic, our LDA served swamp juice (easy recipe coming soon).

The last days of the dinosaurs can also provide dinosaur party food ideas.

Meteorite meatballs connect directly to the extinction event. Chocolate bundt cakes with red candy drizzle are volcanoes. Molten chocolate cakes can be lava cakes.

You can also create an environment, dotted with a few (toy) dinosaurs. This is a great and simple dinosaur-themed birthday cake. Think dinosaur garden, but with cake, not dirt.

Dinosaur birthday party food ideas, Trick #5: Let the prehistoric environment inspire you. Like these simple meteorite meatballs, inspired by the huge meteorite that wiped out the dinosaurs

6. Alliterate

Any food can be made into dinosaur party food by naming it after a dinosaur. The key is to find a dinosaur that starts with the same letter or sound as the food.

Brontosaurus burger and Compsygnathus Cheeseburgers. Plesiosaur pond slime. T-Rex T bones.

The three main time periods when dinosaurs lived – Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous – also provide inspiration for alliterative dinosaur party food name ideas.

I’d love to try Triassic tacos. Jurassic juice could be almost anything you dream up. And how about some Cretaceous crepes? Adults might prefer Cretaceous cocktails or even Cretaceous crustaceans, which also resemble creatures that lived during the Cretaceous.

Dinosaur party food ideas, Trick #6: Alliterate. Almost anything can suit a prehistoric feast with some alliteration. In this case, we had Brontosaurus burgers and Compsognathus Cheeseburgers

7. Add a dinosaur

Perhaps dinosaur party food idea: when in doubt, add a dinosaur.

  • Add gummy dinosaurs to ice cream, doughnuts, jelly, etc., to dino-fy a dish
  • Use dinosaur ice blocks in your drinks: fill small plastic eggs with small dinosaurs and water and freeze (wash the dinosaurs well before using!)
  • Decorate the birthday cake with toy dinosaurs (in tutus, if you like!)
  • Let toy dinosaurs gaze hungrily at your dishes. Bonus points if the dish contains something the dinosaur would eat, like a T-Rex salivating over sausages.
Dinosaur party food ideas, Trick #7: Add a dinosaur. Whether its a real dinosaur watching hungrily or some yummy gummy dinosaurs, such as with our dinosaur ice cream, a little dinosaur will go a long way

So many dinosaur party food ideas: what will you serve?

With these seven tips for dino-fying any dish, a little imagination and your little dinosaur fan’s favourite foods, you’ll have a rip-roaring dinosaur party feast in no time (literally).

And if it’s not the food, it will be the party guests roaring with delight!

What will you be serving at your dinosaur party? We’d love to hear what dishes you come up with!

Enjoy the party sign-off

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7 simple tricks for roarsome dinosaur party food, pin with an image of a hungry toy raptor eying off a piece of birthday cake

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